We all love a trip abroad to get away from everyday life. But the laborious tasks leading up to the event, like packing, and changing your money is just a pain! 

As far as exchanging money goes, (sorry, but packing your suitcase has no detour route, you just have to do it!) there are some pretty good alternatives, exchange options and shortcuts. Finding the best exchange rate is always a hassle, so we're here to give you a few pointers on the best ways to exchange your money and using cards abroad, ensuring you have a hassle-free getaway, not worrying about your STAG-DOERS loosing their cash!


There's always going to be that tiny competition in the holiday group of who gets the best for their pound into their dollar. Do not wait until going to the airport to change your money. Just don't do it! They put the rates up for a reason - because there's no time to go anywhere to exchange! And you can forget waiting till you get there. It'll just be an added stress trying to find the best currency exchange rates Las Vegas has to offer your pound sterling. Your best bet is going to exchange currency comparison websites to get the best rate for your chosen currency, or visiting your high street - M&S are known to have great rates, along with Sainsbury's and Halifax also offer pretty good credit card (but be very, very careful).


These are probably the future of currency exchange! There'll be no hassle going to the high street in changing your cash with a currency card. Unlike a credit card (which, if you're not careful, can charge ridiculous rates in using them abroad), the currency card allows you to keep an eye on how much you're spending, and can we say that Vegas of all places can be the city where we tend to spend-spend-spend, in a more controlled way! A simple transfer to your card will allow you to keep your spending money budget on track and save you carrying around huge amounts of cash in an intoxicated frenzy in the middle of HAKKASAN NIGHTCLUB! It does happen...

Relax and top up your card using the online App available or SMS messages!
With no hidden charges, 0% management costs, you can fix the rate at which you use your Euro or Dollar currency cards. The rates are highly competitive. 
You'll be fully secured, too. Using Chip and PIN protection, your currency will be like any bank card used today and is accepted anywhere that displays the Mastercard Acceptance sign. 

Probably the most efficient way to spend out in a manic city such as Vegas, a currency card is your best bet! More than happy to assist, speak to our team for more information today.