In your last night or nights as a single man, before the end of your life (or rather the beginning of your life as a family man, depending on how you wish to view marriage) begins.

You make one final attempt at sampling all that is forbidden to sample while married. The best place to do that? Downtown Las Vegas. It is the epicentre of Las Vegas. The central business district. This is where you will find the best of the best. What better place to implement your bachelor party ideas? While you may have ideas, you also need to know where to go to get these dreams fulfilled and ambitions met. These are the best night clubs to have the very best and most MEMORABLE BACHELOR PARTIES in the universe, while in Downtown Las Vegas - just ask a TRULY VISIT CITY EXPERT, they've booked a few!


This exquisite, popular and splendid nightclub offers you the chance to sample the very best in drinks while relaxing at the high end LOUNGES. It also has ample event space just in case your bachelor party decides to become an actual party with DJs and everything.


This is one of the most popular lounges in Downtown Las Vegas. You get to relax, hit on girls whose names you won't remember all while having your Las Vegas bachelor party experience. It is one of those calm yet raging, at the very same time, places.


Considered one of the top night clubs in Vegas, the XS leaves nothing to chance - we decided to throw this in for good measure as a true staple venue in Las Vegas. Everything is all golden and expensive but this dance club has the down and dirty as well. You might just get wasted and get laid if your boys don't hold you back. The bachelor party experience however, should be an absolute thrill.


Notorious for its wild pool parties, this nightclub offers you the opportunity to get wet with some of the prettiest girls in Vegas. There is almost always a pool party being hosted and you will definitely not miss your chance to see wet beautiful bodies in tempting BIKINIS. You get to sample their exquisite cocktails while you are at it. And their cocktails are something you should definitely try if you ever go by there.


With a solid five star rating, this is the cocktail bar you should visit downtown. If you miss out on this, then you have not tried anything in Vegas yet. They have the greatest cocktail experience combined with great music. You should definitely go to the Oak And Ivy.

For anyone and everyone planning a bachelor party - speak to someone who knows best and don't be afraid to ask questions around what's good and what's not!