Beautiful women, bright lights, plenty of adult entertainment, spectacular stage shows and massive casinos – these are just a few of the factors that make Las Vegas one of the best stag do locations in America and also one of the top stag destinations on the entire planet!

Nicknamed ‘Sin City’ or ‘debauchery capital of the world,’ LAS VEGAS is certainly a safe bet for unforgettable stag weekends. Once you have tasted what the city has to offer, you will understand why their advertising slogan reads, ‘What happens here stays here.’ 

CSI: The Experience: Based at the infamous MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, this is an interactive attraction that allows you and the boys to try your investigative skills. It is based on the TV series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and features three crime scenes. You can choose any and try to crack it - book your spot with your TRULY VISIT EXPERTS.  

Skydiving simulator: This offers you the chance to experience the excitement of skydiving without actually going splat in the end. It starts with training after which you have exclusive access to the wind tunnels measuring 22 feet in height and a width of 12 feet. That and the fact that the vertical airspeeds are 120mph allow you to comfortable surf the wind.

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GRAND CANYON HELICOPTER RIDE: Nothing screams explorative fun than going on a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. It’s the best way for you and your mates to explore more than 2000 years of geological history. It gives you an overhead view of the canyon and delivers on style as well as class in one of the more sopshisticated of stag do ideas. 

Desert buggy racing: Imagine spending the afternoon with your friends doing nothing but buggy racing through the desert dunes of Las Vegas. It’s competitive, fun and exciting all the same time. And yes, it’s one of the easiest ways for you to bond on your last weekend as a bachelor. DESERT BUGGY RACING is the ultimate off-road adventure to indulge in while in Vegas for your stag weekend.  

Gentleman’s club experience: While you may be nervous to indulge in a little bit of fun and head to a strip club, don’t be. Las Vegas offers plenty of gentleman’s club experience and you can be sure that the dancers are experienced. And no, you don’t have to have a lap dance to have fun, although you may think so when organising stag do plans!

Shooting range experience: If you have been arguing with your mates about who is the best shooter, you can settle the score at one of Vegas’ SHOOTING RANGES. They are plenty all over the city and frankly, this may be the most fun you’ve had in months.