7 of the best: top Las Vegas bars

There's lots of things to do in Las Vegas, the strips like ten times the size of any row of bars and clubs you've come across on holiday elsewhere. The place blasts out all of the colours and lights you could possibly think of...all in one go!

That's part of the experience we think, the strips overwhelming at first sight and we know how easy it can be to become disorientated by it all. The best bit for you is that we're here to help out, there's loads to see and do in Vegas with Nightclubs, POOL PARTIES & Casino lights everywhere to be seen.

But what about when you're in more of a relaxed mood...?


Like me, you may never have heard of an 'ultralounge' before you'd been to Vegas, but this type of venue fits a nightlife gap in an awesome way. Dubbed as a 'livelier-than-usual' bar venue, the ultralounge provides people with a good mix of socialising and music all in once place. Ideal for people wanting a great night without the confetti explosions and sparklers found in Vegas nightclubs.

Take a look at some of the best and most beautiful places to enjoy the Las Vegas strip and it's atmosphere, you won't be dissapointed:

LAVO lounge at The Palazzo Hotel

There's alot happening everywhere on the strip, venues change all the time so (luckily for us) the experience is always different from the previous visit! LAVO is a prime example too, the hotspot re-opened to the public in 2014 as a lounge instead of it's former nightclub status. They describe themselves as a great 'speakeasy spot' in a modern setting so you can enjoy your saturday/sunday night out in style with friends, or making new ones! The mood is perfectly set with the decor and lighting complimenting each other to generate a warm and conversational environment.

Ghostbar at The Palms Hotel

If you can't find this place when at the entrance of the Palms, look up! Way up high above the ground, your experience up there is remarkable! This venue was refurbished back in 2013 so the place underwent some changes that has boosted the experience even more. Located over 50 floors up in the Palms hotel, the view has always been the focal point of this ultralounge, the atmosphere is great and Ghostbar is definitely a venue that has a nightclub element to it so if you want something that has the potential to escalate into something lively, visit this spot, it's up their as one of the very top Las Vegas bars.

During the winter you can go ahead and party at the dayclub which provides a whole new experience which replaces the summer pool parties in Vegas!

Voodoo Lounge at Rio Las Vegas

You can't help but compare your journey up to Voodoo lounge with Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as you ride in a glass elevator. Fortunately this list provides a vertical experience only, but what you find once you've reached your floor is breathtaking, similarly to Ghostbar, this spot is located upon a roof and is ideal for taking in the wonders of the strip in all it's glory. There's plenty of places to sit for the VIP groups who wish to have their own space to socialise.

Once you're on the roof, take the trip up the outside staircase to get an even better birdseye view of your surroundings. You couldn't get any higher, unless you're in a HELICOPTER!

Mix Lounge at The Mandalay Bay Hotel

Get in the Mix, this venue is a hub for lavish and luxury. Visit this spot which boasts fantastic views of the strip with large sheets of glass creating a panoramic back drop that will impress even the most travelled guests. The venue was constructed intricately by a designer so the decor and feeling you have (when you walk in) is all intentional. The guys here didn't leave much to chance, experience their numerous concoctions of Las Vegas cocktails and enjoy the combination of great views, great company and great drinks!

Lily Lounge at The Bellagio Hotel

The Bellagio has it's own repuation on the Las Vegas strip, the fountains are easily one of the most visited landmarks in the city. These guys have labelled their venue as a sophisticated ultralounge where you can enjoy the vibe at the epicenter of the hotel! This venue is elegantly decorated and is an ideal spot to host meetings or entertain someone special, the lavish surroundings give you a very rich feeling of quality and class.

With imported table tops and signature fabrics, you'll have a perfect setting to enjoy a full bodied conversation in the comfort of your seat and some very interesting and unexpected seasonal cocktails.

Deuce Lounge at The ARIA Hotel

Experience a very intimate and dim ultralounge in Las Vegas, perfect for couples, small groups and business meetings, this venue pride's itself on level of service. Located at the ARIA hotel where the Crystals City Center resides, the feeling of luxury follows through from it's shopping facilities into the bar. 

Explore the cocktails, sit back and relax in this calming and orderly atmosphere, a truly great way to enjoy the wonders of the Vegas nightlife away from a more fast paced nighclub option (which you can still enjoy if you wanted to start the night off steadily - MARQUEE NIGHTCLUB is a strones throw away!

Chandelier Lounge at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel

So we conclude the article on the last but certainly not the least - this venues not far away from Deuce and even closer to Marquee! Chandelier Lounge is located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel. A fantastically located place to stay and highlighted as one of the most modern and vibrant hotels around. It's structure is so interesting! there's three parts to what makes up a huge chandelier (see image).

The bottom of the chandelier is where you can enjoy a very classic casino bar which fuses the gambling and social side of Las Vegas.

Inside the chandelier is where it all happens, enjoy some amazing mixologist madness with some of the most dynamic cocktails you've ever come across.

Finally the top of the chandelier is where you'll find a cool lounge to chill out - you get a great overall view of what's going on from here! 

All-in-all there are some fantastic venues for you to relax, socialise and dance at. Every bar we've mentioned includes bottle services so guests can organise a spot. Just click the yellow button below for more info on getting your own private area to enjoy the night in true Vegas style.