3 things you must do in Vegas as a VIP

It may be a little jarring looking for the best places to go without feeling as though you could be missing out! Especially if you're looking to spend big bucks on a table, it's probably best to have an idea of the imperatives, the paramounts, the absolute must-does as a VIP in Las Vegas!


So, let's start with the most obvious. I mean, if you're visiting this city and wanting VIP treatment, we're sure you'd be aware of the luxurious service that sweeps the floors of Las Vegas party venues. The bottle service out in Sin City are in both nightclubs and pool parties all over the city, offering only the best drinks and the best seating (private of course) in your chosen venue. Venues such as HAKKASAN LAS VEGAS,DRAI'S and TAO NIGHTCLUB offer not only diverse, but pretty amazing VIP Las Vegas tables service. 



GUN SHOOTING may not sound as luxurious and lavish as the suggestion above, but aside from it being a truly thrilling experience, you as VIPs can take this to another level, ensuring comfort and extra touches. Imagine having this experience indoors, with your own private room for you and your holiday group, fitting up to 40 guests. A room with plasma TV, a plush pool table with comfy stools and leather sofa, fit for all to enjoy watching friends aim at their targets through the huge windows.


Going to Sin City during the summer with an agenda to spend it in VIP only means you intend to hire yourself a DAYBED OR A CABANA. Travelling to to Sin City from about April until early October will only urge you to go to one of these! Whether it's a big birthday celebration you want to make special or if VIP is just your standard procedure, these are an absolute must-do when in Vegas! 

 These are but a few options for a trip filled with VIP treatment - get even more information from us personally, today!