3 new additions to Las Vegas & Dubai party venues

To all of the verteran party people of the globe, the competition of which venue can deliver the best VIP night or day in the hottest cities on the globe. We've dicovered that over the last few weeks, Dubai and Las Vegas have a few tricks up their sleeve that will have you excited to visit these destinations, or make you book the flight if you haven't already!  


First things first. For those of you who are familiar with what was known to be the first celeb studded venue in , Pure Nightclub will undergo a major facelift, renewal and change of identity. As of Spring 2015, Pure Nightclub will take the name of Omnia Nightclub. So who's taken over the reigns at Caesars Palace?! The Hakkasan Group, of course. 

Omnia, in its purist form (see what we did there), means 'all' - which gives you the impression that this spot will cater to all - including the hard core dancers of the night to the VIP clientele. Omnia will be a multi-level nightclub kitted out with a mezzanine and rooftop garden with outstanding views of the Vegas Strip, ultra-lounge and of course a killer main room. 


One of the most insane party venues on the Vegas Strip, Marquee Las Vegas is here to stay for the winter! Yes, that's the right. Don't mind the closing parties that wave goodbye and mark the end of summer - the very innovative and clever group at Marquee Dayclub have come up with a much better solution! 

Now, you can enjoy Marquee in the comfort of a festival-styled dome with its very own climate. Sounds pretty crazy, right? No. It's not the first venue to think of this genius idea, but with AG Light & Sound designed arches that shape this dome, this is definitely a dome that is a force to be reckoned with - no joke there! This type of dome design may be recognised in a place like the EDC and huge festivals like Cochella, but a pool party? Definitely the first of it! The debut of their post-summer event happened on the 12th October, and will only get crazier and more busier! Although shown to party goers as just an extra room last February, Marquee is giving it much more purpose as the winter creeps in.


It just a few weeks time, the brand that we've all heard of and adored will be available to those wanting a truly unforgettable party experience in the Middle East. Originally opening in Spain, Pacha Ibiza has developed a reputation of being the ultimate party experience since the last 60s. Pacha Ibiza nightclub will open its doors at Souk Madinat Jumeirah, DUBAI on the 7th November 2014 (under 20 days!), featuring 3 floors: 'The Main Room', 'The Red Room' & 'The Rooftop'. 

The Main Room will be open all week serving food and showing live performances. Come night though, the DJs arrive, the music booth is on, Pacha Ibiza will be brimming with people with aesthetics that stimulate your senses, with stunning visuals as the acrobats and dancers grace the venue.