3 Helpful tips for planning your things to do in Las Vegas

Here are some key things to remember when planning Las Vegas, we know it's easy to throw everything in as there's so much to do.

But (often like packing a suitcase) this way of doing things means you just can't get everything to fit!

Don't worry, these few pointers will help make sure you pack your suitcase and itinerary so everything's perfect.

In Vegas you'll never find yourself sat/stood still for long periods of time, the energy of the strip is phenomenal. We appreciate the draw for visiting the place so we know and understand that you want to cram your itinerary as much as possible. 

It's good to have this feeling of excitement and you aways do, no matter how many times you've been before. For the VIP Las Vegas veterans out there, we all know that it's good to pace yourselves though - some come to Vegas for a few days whilst others are in town for two weeks, the key thing to remember is that everyone is different but here are the trends we see...


Las Vegas Nightclubs & Pool Parties are a must, most come to have a good time and what better way to do so.

The venues in town are fantastic so you want to be at your best right? Of course you do, we find alot of people want to party every day and night during the summer. We know that many of you will have done so on previous holidays so are mentally preparing for a similar experience/feeling.

Vegas is a totally different arena, when you book to be out at a Las Vegas Nightclub, it's difficult to reserve your energy when top Dj's are blasting out the best in house/electro dance/commercial music, building up each beat for the drop, inflatable boats on the crowd, champagne spraying everywhere and confetti falling from the ceiling.

It's all insane - come 5am your fully maxed out and may not be in the best shape to be up for your 12pm pool party! Your mind may be fresh but your body could be screaming out for some downtime.

Those who've booked Las Vegas pool parties for the next day (back-to-back) only get a few hours to shut their eyes before they're up/fresh and raring to go for another awesome party under the Vegas sun.

Don't get us wrong...if you can do it, then do it - you only have a period of time to get the best out of your experience. Only the fittest make it though so if you've got a few potential stragglers then be prepared to cover their share of the VIP area or make sure they pay up for letting the team down. Our tips for STAG TRIPS tells you more about how to handle your group bookings...


 The dreaded R word - some don't want to entertain this but as a group member you owe it to your team to be 100% once you've planned your things to do in Las Vegas.

It's common to have groups land in Vegas during the afternoon and want to party that very evening, some have plans to do so and simply just do not make it as they're shattered from their flight. No matter how hard you try to sleep on the plane, the excitement (and your group) just won't let you! Alcohol is being served by the plane crew and the thin air means your drinks are playing a key role in your mood.

It's important to remember that your first night sets the tone for the rest of the trip, if you're feeling a bit vulnerable after your flight, maybe organise more of a relaxed evening - ie dinner and a GENTLEMANS CLUB with some shisha or one of many LAS VEGAS BARS on the strip.

We're not advising that you stay in but it may be an idea to land and ease your way into the bright lights as the megaclubs on the strip really know how to get it going!


So this is even worse than the R word, unfortunately if you don't live there, at some point you have to leave Las Vegas. You may suffer the start of your holiday blues before you even take off!

Before you do, the final night is what you make it! Decide to go all out with a huge night of BOTTLE SERVICE, sparklers, top music and great company - just be sure to have 10 alarms set for each room / SUITE your groups are in - you don't want to miss your flight out.

Also pre-pack your suitcase before heading out for the night, this way you don't have to be rinsing out yesterdays swimwear and folding clothes with a killer hangover.

You're all set if you have a morning flight so you can be up and ready fairly quickly to board your plane then sleep on the return journey.

If your flight's not until later in the day, it may be a good idea to pre-pack anyway so you can get a decent dose of sleep.

Alternatively, if you've got the energy - you could get up and use the time to head out for some lunch, shopping or entertainment in terms of a show or HELICOPTER TOUR.

Considering these three steps will help you to maximise your trip in terms of money, time and energy - we're all human but we all have different levels so speak to our Las Vegas concierge team to plan or organise the best suited itinerary.

Do you prefer to party on the first night? Can you party back-to-back? Have you had to rush around to catch your flight home? Tell us about your experiences using the comments box below!


  • Book a Nightclub followed by a Pool Party the following day ONLY if you can cope.
  • Your first night will set the tone for your trip - REST on the first night (if needs be) and be fresh for the next day!
  • Before you go out for the last night of your trip, PRE-PACK your suitcase ready for the next days departure.