London is simply the best capital in the world. If you are looking for attractions that can beat Opera Houses and Eiffel Tower, London has Gherkin.

We've decided to bring to you another part in the LONDON STAG SERIES as there's so much to consider! When it comes to nightlife, the city is home to some the world’s best CLUBS and the best bars in England. Houses of Parliament, Soho cruises on the Thames, Hyde Park, London Eye and theatres in West End; what’s not to love about London? No wonder it’s one of the most preferred stag do locations, just ask Truly Visit's London experts - anyone organising stag do experiences needs to consider here!

Paintballing: Paintball sites in London certainly know how to make use of terrain by offering a variety of games, all of which require strategy and stealth to win. You and your mates will be kitted in safety dressing and equipment and afterwards, you will find yourselves braving crypts, boarding pirate ships, raiding tombs and more as you try to survive breathtaking paintball. 

Playing dodgeball: If you and your mates total to ten or more, don’t hesitate to indulge in a little bit of dodgeball. The game is the perfect way to experience adrenaline rush and bond with the guys. Dodgeball venues will provide sport gear and a wide range of variation games including Last Man Standing are available at such venues.

Indoor Kart Racing: This is the closest anyone can come to real F1 racing, with beautiful women, fame and lots of money excluded. But hey, it’s competitive and fun. Winning depends on strategy, teamwork and pit stops.

Spirit tasting: If you are not up to adrenaline pumping action, try spirit tasting in the afternoon. There is no better way to spoil your senses than with a variety of top quality spirits in the company of your mates during one of your quality assured stag do ideas. Learn how to gin like a pro, and top the day by gong wild with a selection of tasting tokens covering champagnes, spirits and wines. 

Have a laugh at a stand-up comedy club: A relaxed comedy club is the ultimate way of loosening your inhibitions and stretching your funny bones during stag weekends. Rib tickling comics in London often feature plenty of seating space, an extensive selection of drinks and every once in a while, an after-party creeps into what would typically be seen as part of a VEGAS STAG PLAN.

Oil wrestling with bikini ladies: London’s bikini ladies will oil you and take you out – and not the kind of out that involves a savory dinner! It is the kind where you and your mates will be treated to a show that involves a stag wrestling with two oiled ladies. And yes, a cash bar is available to ensure ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.