Las Vegas is famous for its drinking and partying. Both the locals and visitors enjoy the various nightlife amenities the Sin City offers.

If your employer has corporate reward packages with incentive travel, Vegas would be the place for you to visit when you are awarded.Whether you are looking for a place to drink, gamble or watch a movie, Las Vegas has something for you. For a first-time guest, choosing places to have fun can be confusing. Here are a few places where you can indulge.

XS Nightclub

For a person looking for a high-end place to enjoy their evening, Steve Wynn’s club, XS is the ideal place to be. It has a 13,000sq ft space outdoors with rotating chandeliers and golden moulds of waitresses to serve you cocktails. If you want to enjoy this experience, book your spot early. You can do so with the help of reputable travel organizers.

Aria Casino

Are you looking to splurge a little to have a full a Vegas experience? Aria has the only gambling space that is within the City Center Complex, and it is a modern beauty. It is 150,000 sq ft, and natural light finds its way to its floor through skylights and windows.

Hakkasan Nightclub 

The gigantic nightclub that can host around 7000 revelers is another place to enjoy the Vegas nightlife. It has some of the hottest DJs such as CALVIN HARRIS and DJ Tiesto. You will get to dance your night away or enjoy a calmer evening in the lounge - tell your Truly Visit expert what you'd prefer and we'll recommend locations.

Galaxy Luxury+

The theater allows you to enjoy your drink in the comfort of a large reclining chair. The Galaxy Theatre serves wine and beer and has enormous screens where you can enjoy your movie. To ensure you do not miss the experience, you need to book your ticket early enough.

Artisan Lounge

It is one of the quietest lounges in Vegas since there is no gambling. Artisan Lounge has a bar, lodge and gallery and it gives you a home away from feeling so bare this in mind travel organisers. 

Mermaid Bar & Lounge 

You can sit there and sip your drink as you gaze into the 117,000-gallon aquarium at Mermaid Bar & Lounge.  There are mermaids and mermen who do performances under water. Additionally, the place has cheap drinks.

You cannot exhaust the party scene in Vegas; these are just a few of the places you can visit when you need a vibrant nightlife. To make the most out of your stay in Vegas, let the best corporate travel agencies handle your travel arrangements so you can find time to have fun.