Nightclubs & pool parties: 9 reasons why partying is good for you!

Don't write us off, we're deadly serious. There's something about nightlife that we all love, the magical fusion of drinks, friends and music just makes it all worth while. The popular abbregviation TGIF swarms social networks as the end of the week and adults around the world cherish the thought of being able to go out and live a little.

We're not saying you hate your job (or are we?) but there are a few things about finishing work and having a drink with friends! Enjoy this as we fuel the fire by explaining why partying after a long week at work can be beneficial to your health.


The foundations of partying involves alot of movement, whether you're the next Michael Jackson or unable to string two steps together with those left feet of yours, however it's done, movement is the key.

Like Cycling, Running & Jumping - partying has this very key principal also!


Festivals & (especially Las Vegas) Nightclubs host a wide range of jumping - when the DJ plays some of the worlds best music and the confetti blasts down when the beat drops, you can but help leave the ground along with the other ravers!

Create space between your feet and the dancefloor and build explosive power in your legs. As these carry you throughout your life, it's important to keep them nice and strong! We don't want you jumping too high but a healthy spring (when your favourite tune comes on in a club) never hurt anyone!


Get your waist moving and stretch those back muscles! The twist of your torso will help increase range of movement and promote flexibility, keep your spine and muscles in your back agile by moving this way.


 This is a move that you do not need any skill to do - raise those arms high and move them along with the thousands of people around you - the bass will guide you!


Getting the blood going can be make a huge difference to your sharpness - this happens naturally as your general mood builds and your body starts to warm up. Whilst out, this could be the difference between taking an opportunity and not. You never know when an or where an opportunity (to meet someone interesting) may arise, trust us!

Back to the science, your skin benefits from a healthy circulatory system. Red blood cells play a key role in delivering oxygen to your body's vital organs which can then provide the vitality & energy you need to dance all night.

When your organs and circulatory system are working together, you benefit from the results which is much needed when partying in the WORLDS BEST CITIES.

An increase in blood flow can help your heart and muscles significantly - as you can see huge event's with hosts like Sean "Diddy" Combs know how to get the party going.


As you apply all of the above movements, you'll start generating alot of heat! In LONDON NIGHTCLUBS the air conditioning keeps the temperature cool, everywhere in the world is ice cold so you shouldn't feel too uncomfortable but your movements will be helping towards your cleanse.

Raising your body temperature and partying like there's no tomorrow can help towards:

Easing Pain

Yep, you can feel better from increased body temperature, experts suggest that you're body releases natural endoprhine hormones also known as 'feel-good' hormones which are reported to ease any aches and pains you may have!

Preventing colds

Your body can repel bad bacteria as your temperature rises fighting off stubborn germs, tuberculosis being one of them.

Removing toxins

Those dreaded bumps, regardless of your age as your skin gets hot you start to get rid of all unwanted toxins that can block pores and cause blemishes. 

So here it is, we didn't say it'd be glamourous, nor did we say it was Channel 4's 'Embarrasing Bodies' - what we DO know is that there is a direct relationship between dancing (whilst partying) and our health. Workouts such as Zumba and Club Excercise encourage the fusion!

When at some of the best venues in the world we get that you won't be thinking about excerising - enjoy the party, drink responsibly and consider the pro's of having a healthy night lifestyle.