There are certain things to take into consideration when your planning your Vegas itinerary with your holiday group and ensuring everyone is happy! 

Have a personal Vegas itinerary MADE BY US in advance, with flexi options of adding, subtracting and altering up until the day of your trip! Leave the hard work and organisation to us.


Do you all travel on the same flight? Are there people arriving from different parts of the world? Are people arriving the day before or the day after? Arriving in Vegas is different for every group, and ensuring everyone has a warm welcome is important to us! So, whether it's organising LIMO PICK-UPS from the airport each time a member of your group arrives in sin city, organising a night out the day everyone arrives in the city or booking reservations for dinner, we're here to help!


Making reservations can mean one thing or another depending on your group size.Groups should have no problem getting into spots with things like NIGHTCLUB TABLES,POOL PARTY DAYBEDS AND CABANAS, etc. 

We know there can be a change of numbers in the group at the last minute, adding the odd person or counting a person out for that night. Speaking to a team member woth access to altering reservations is such a plus when last minute changes occur, allowing you to alter the pricing and sorting out how much more alcohol you'll need on your table, because let's face it, the last thing you want to be short of is a drink!


So it's the night of your birthday, the night of your official vegas STAG-TRIP/HEN-DO, the anniversary that you need to mark. There are loads of options to celebrate including packages and deals that'll ensure your night is made memorable. A tip for you is to ensure you've made clear the pricing and bill splitting before the night - you don't want to ruin your nigh trying to work out who is paying what while you've had a bottle of champagne! 

Speak to a member of the team to help organise your very own tailor made itinerary for your holiday group, large or small.