Organising and booking a guy's getaway is serious business, and whoever told you different had a pretty bad time! Where do you go with the guys? What's the occasion? Is it the big birthday or the stag do? Or is it just a well deserved escape with your friends? When's the best time to go? What the hell do you do for fun?! 

Granted, if you're going with a group that already has good rapport, then you're halfway there. But of course, going to the right spots, doing the right activities and being at the right place at the right time also helps! So we're here to give you some tips and ideas for the ideal guy's getaway! 

The best way to enjoy a getaway to Vegas especially is to make sure you've got things on the agenda! We know it can be tedious trying to look for the right things to do that'll make everyone happy! So here are a couple of suggestions...


Let's start with the convential day out for the lads! To be honest, this is a truly thrilling experience and is definitely recommended to any group of any size for any occasion. Take a trip away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip and head to No Man's Land and let off some ammunition with the guys. Choose from a selection of guns to shoot - from the T8 revolver to the 9mm semi-automatic. A Vegas gun range is a great day out with the guys!


These Las Vegas Helicopter tours are awesome. The views are spectacular at heights you cannot imagine. Choose from a choice of locations to view, from the Grand Canyon tours, the Strip itself or a tour of Hoover Dam. Whether it's your guy's introduction to the havoc you'll be causing all over the city or the goodbye to the memories already created, this is a great way to both begin and end a trip in Las Vegas. 


There's nothing more show stopping that getting yourselves the traditional VIP Las Vegas tables at the most exclusive of clubs in Vegas. Choose from the renowned Godfather's of nightlife like BANK NIGHTCLUB and XS LAS VEGAS, or go for something fresh and exciting like DRAI'S and HAKKASAN. Ensuring you get there on the nights that most suit you and the guys is also important! Event nights with the hottest DJs are without question, the best nights to indulge at a VIP spot, but it is incredibly important to get those booked well in advance, avoiding the disappointments of sell outs (these happen frequently, especially on annual holidays) and to secure your table!

Don't forget the pool party season either! The daybeds and cabanas are the parallel to an exclusive VIP table in a club. Find out more!

There's also the option of a VIP club tour. You'll be partying at a number of the most exclusive spots on the strip choosing from different package options - all equally as good and equally as luxurious. Once you're picked up from your hotel, there's no turning back! This is very good for stag groups wanting to make most of their night!


Need more guidance? Still undecided?! Don't worry, have a chat with us.